We offer world class Airport Services to make your travel experience memorable.

Qualified Successful Bidder

8 City center airports catering to over 55%
of top 10 routes

Robust portfolio tracking consumption trend

Growth of 25% of Indian Air Traffic
with 200+ Mn consumer base

Robust concession structure

50-year concession,
100% ownership

Significant expansion potential

Opportunity to expand combined capacity
to over 100 million Pax in the next 15 years

Fuel Farm

  • Provision of world-class class Open Access Fuel Farm facility, common facility used by all Oil Marketers
  • Provision of state-of-the-art Hydrant Refueling System for quick and safe aircraft refueling operations
  • Resource optimization, no duplication of infrastructure
  • No entry barriers for new Oil Marketers – more options for airlines
  • Reduction in front-end jet fuel operating expenses – better Jet Fuel price
  • Benchmarking and standardization of Jet Fuel services

Ground Transportation

With our focus on customer centricity, streamlining the ground transportation to ensure a seamless experience through traffic flow planning and adequate parking is a priority. Our airports have multi-modal connectivity through private vehicles, metro (where feasible), metered taxis, cars on rent, inter-city and intra-city bus services, and we shall provide services for all these including right priced commercial offerings.


Adani Airports offers a wonderful, world class experience to our partners through state-of-the-art projects and high level automation in operations. Our Cargo terminals hold the market leading position in Indian airports with the highest air cargo handled throughout to the tune of over 0.96 million metric tons per annum.

  • State-of-the-art facilities at Cargo Terminal
  • End-to-End Integrated Logistics Services
  • Air Freight Stations
  • Air Cargo Logistics Parks
  • Air Cargo E-Commerce
  • Specialized Air Cargo Handling System
  • Automated Processes
  • Effective Air Cargo Pharma Handling

Duty Free

Duty Free Shopping is an indulgence that our passengers look forward to. We shall ensure the right brands, the right categories and the right pricing to enhance their experience.

Advertising & Sponsorships

With best-in-class infrastructure across mediums, we shall create the right opportunities for our partners to showcase their brands and products, thereby creating defining value for them. Innovative and immersive advertising will create an attraction for our passenger and predictive advertising will enhance share of wallet.

Airport Concessions

With a vision to be the trendsetting airport enterprise, Adani Airports is looking to create lifestyle destinations for the customers both inside and outside the airport. By expanding the realm of consumer experience, it is giving more control in the hands of the consumers and thereby driving an upward trajectory for non-aeronautical revenues both for the airports and its partners making it the preferred partner in the sector.

General Aviation

The Corporate Terminals at Adani Airports provides passengers with specialized and tailored services to accommodate VIP, CIP, Diplomats and Medical Evacuation flights. They have been thoughtfully designed to provide you with the most refined and relaxing accommodations — including luxurious pilot and passenger lounges, executive conference facilities, Wi-Fi and big-screen plasma televisions.